Fångad skönhet – Malin Östlund

18 000 kr


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    Namn: Fångad skönhet
    Storlek: 100 x 100 cm
    Teknik: Olja
    Ram: Trä ram
    Originalmålning av Malin Östlund
    Denna tavla skickas fraktfritt till dig inom Sverige.

    The artist Malin Östlund’s work is like an intuitive connection to the beautiful and poetic side of life.
Dreamy paintings filled with friendly souls, a gate to the garden of the senses which opens a world where you can dream and rest.

    Her paintings are created with a mix of classical portrait painting and a more modern expression that sometimes even tends to the abstract.

    ”My creative mind consists of a big and beautiful feeling where there is no darkness. I’m taking a step into a more present world where dreams can flourished and happiness always has a given place. I hope the viewer can feel the presence of human and the beauty of life, which I want to convey in my art.”

    Since her first solo exhibition in 2010, Malin has participated in several jury-rated, collective and separate exhibitions. Today she work as a full time artist in her studio in central Skellefteå, and has clients and collectors around the world.

    Exhibition history

2019 Liljas konst o ram, Skellefteå, Sweden
2018 Galleri R Linköping, Sweden

    2018 Galleri Puckeln Stockholm, Sweden

    2018 The Nut house Upplands Väsby, Sweden

    2017 Liljas konst&Ram Skellefteå, Sweden
2017 Galleri Puckeln, Stockholm, Sweden

    2016 Galleri Puckeln, Stockholm, Sweden

    2015 Skellefteå konsthall, Sweden

    2015 Liljas konst&Ram Skellefteå, Sweden

    2015 Galleri Puckeln, Stockholm, Sweden
2014 Waynes Coffee House, Skellefteå, Sweden
2014 Liljas konst&Ram Skellefteå, Sweden
2014 ”A wonderful day” Skellefteå stadshus, Sweden

    2013 Galleri1 Skellefteå, Sweden

    2012 Galleri1 Skellefteå, Sweden

    2011 Pinax, Skellefteå, sweden
2010 Pinax, Skellefteå, Sweden

2018 Stipendieutställning Halmstad Slott, sweden
2018 Sommarsalong Galler 1 Skellefteå, Sweden

    2016 Stipendieutställning Halmstad Slott, Halmstad, Sweden
2016 Höstsalong Skellefteå konsthall, Sweden

    2015 Stipendieutställning Galleri Bluelight, Halmstad Sweden
2014 Stipendieutställning Galleri Bluelight, Halmstad Sweden

    2014 Länssalong Västerbotten museum, Umeå, sweden

    2013 Höstsalong Skellefteå konsthall, Sweden

    2012 Vårsalong Skellefteå konsthall, Sweden

     2019 Carre dàrtistes Beijing, China
2019 Artworks 4 change, Stockholm, Sweden
2018 Affordable artfair Stockholm, Sweden

    2018 Carre dàrtistes Toulouse, France
2017 Carre dàrtistes Shanghai, Chinaina
2017 Merlino Bottega Dárte, Italy

    2017 Affordable artfair Stockholm, Sweden
2017 Konst i Kvarnbyn, Burträsk, Sweden
2016  ”Experiment” Art expertise, Italy
2016 ”Wide open” Bottega d’Arte Merlino, Italy

    2016 “Hair” Skellefteå stadshus Sweden

    2016  Galleria Mentana, Italien

    2016 Påskutställning Halmstad Slott, Sweden

    2016 Advokatbyrån Fylgia, Stockholm

    2014 Galleri Bluelight Halmstad, Sweden

    2014 Brinken Skellefteå stadshus, Sweden

    2014 Konst i Kvarnbyn, Burträsk, Sweden
2013 ”Nyfiken på konst” Skellefteåmässan, Sweden
2012 Nyborg Skellefteå konsthall, Sweden